WordPress 5.4 Adderley Update

Apr 6, 2020 | Blog, Web Design Blog

wordpress 5.4 adderley update

New exciting features coming in Adderley:


This new update to WordPress sees more improvement to the block editor with the addition of new blocks along with improvements to what is already there. WordPress 5,4 is a major release that gives you more ways to make posts and pages come alive with your best images. There is also more ways to bring  in visitors to your website, keeping them engaged, with some of the top embedded media from the web’s services. Another highlight in this update is that there is more ways to make your vision real, and put blocks in the perfect place as it is now a more efficient processes.

Two new and better blocks

  • Two brand-new blocks: Social Icons and Buttons make adding interactive features fast and easy.
  • New ways with colour: Gradients in the Buttons and Cover block, toolbar access to colour options in Rich Text blocks, and for the first time, colour options in the Group and Columns blocks.
  • This new update streamlines the process for placing and replacing multimedia in every block. Now it works the same in almost every block.
  • You can now have your image in a Media+Text block link to something weather that being the download of another document

Your fundamental right: privacy

With the Adderley update there is improvement to the variety of privacy issues around the world. When you’re asked how your team handles user data the answers should be a lot easier to get right. Take a look:

  • Now personal data exports include users session information and users location data from the community events widget. Plus, a table of contents!
  • See progress as you process export and erasure requests through the privacy tools.
  • Plus, little enhancements throughout give the privacy tools a little cleaner look. Your eyes will thank you!

    For developers

    New custom fields added to menu items

    With this update there are two new actions letting you add custom fields to menu items without the use of plugins or the need to write custom walkers. On the Menus admin screen, wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields fires just before the move buttons of a nav menu item in the menu editor. In the Customizer, wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields_customize_template fires at the end of the menu-items form-fields template.

    Blocks! Simpler styling, new APIs and embeds

    • This update has radically simpler block styling. Removal of negative margins and default padding along with four redundant wrapper divs.
    • If you build plugins, you can now register collections of your blocks by namespace across categories allowing for more brand visibility.
    • Two new APIs added allowing users to do more with block variations and gradients
    • In embeds, now the block editor supports TikTok—and CollegeHumor is gone.

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