Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

Feb 22, 2022 | Blog, Web Design Blog

Why Isnt Anyone Coming to My Website

Website is not SEO optimised

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of putting keywords throughout your website to ensure that your rank for products or services that you are wanting to rank for. As a user searches on the internet, they will type in a keyword or phrase to find the product or service they are looking for. If your website is optimised for one of those keywords or phrases, then your website will appear to them on the search engine.

If you want to read more information on what SEO is and how it is important to your website then you can read out blog, Local SEO Guide for Beginners.

Lack of Social Media presence

By using social media and having that linked somewhere in your site you are telling Google or other search engines that you have more information to provide. Search engines will promote websites with social media and blogs as it creates more information that can be shared on the internet. By also having social media accounts and an active blog you are allowing your business to increase its reputation, earn credibility as you are providing a channel to your customers where they can interact with you.

If you want more information on Social Media and what platform you should pick for your business then you can read our blog, Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for your Business.

Lack of a consistent blog

By blogging about topics that are popular and are informative to the audience that you attract then you are allowing your site to be noticed on search engines more as you are targeting more keywords than you would with just a webpage. By writing blogs that your audience will be interested in you are allowing your website to show up for your intended audience, if you are a tyre company then having a blog about shoe repair isn’t going to target your intended audience.

By searching more on what Google considers a high-quality blog post you can curate your blogs content to match those standards, this will in turn have Google promote your blog page more than others as you meet all the criteria. The higher the quality of the post then the better the traffic it will receive.

Website must be mobile friendly

There is a reason that mobile first web design is one of the important points when looking at company’s web design services. As more and more people use a variety of devices to access the internet there is no excuse for a website to not be mobile friendly. As these screen sizes are smaller, designing a website that focuses on mobile usability is a lot simpler than altering a desktop design into a mobile one.

If users are unable to access parts of a website or are unable to interpret the content that is on the page, then they are more than likely going to click of the website instantly. Google also uses an algorithm that will place websites higher in mobile searches that are optimised for those views making it an important factor in ranking your website and gaining traffic.

Having an attractive website design

The object of a website is to promote the products or services that your business provides meaning that it is an extension of your business, and a poor website design can reflect poorly on your business. If you offer a professional service to customers, then having a professional website will reflect your overall businesses dedication.

Also, by having a good web design you are ensuring that your page load speeds are low keeping your user attentive as they are not waiting a while to access the content on your website. If you are looking to get a new website for your business or to update a previous outdated one, then get in touch to discuss your project.

Have your content keyword focused

Keywords and key phrases are uses to rank your website on a search engine. They are used to highlight services and products on your website having the ability to promote your website. As a website owner of a content creator, you want to make sure that you are using relevant keywords that most people will search for when looking for your products or services.

You can do keyword analysis by looking at some of the keywords that your competitors are using on their websites. Primarily keywords should be included in your meta titles, meta descriptions, page titles and on page content. By having a keyword in one of these places you are allowing your website to have a better chance at ranking for specific keywords. By using keywords throughout your headings on your website, blogs, social media, and SEO content you are ensuring that your website will rank higher in results.


If you implement some of the changes above, then you will see your website improve drastically on search driving more sales and traffic. By providing your website developer with the requirements you need for your website then they will be able to act on this and provide you with a similar outline to what is above for changes.

If you are looking to have a website created for your business or are looking to have your old website improved upon to increase traffic, then get in touch to discuss your project. If you are looking to have your business put onto social media or are looking for a social media strategy, then get in touch to speak to one of our social media experts.

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