What is Content Marketing?

Mar 12, 2020 | Blog, Online Marketing Blog

Content is King

What is Content Marketing?

This is content marketing!

By creating a blog and giving your business a voice you build credibility and increases the exposure of your business.

“Content Marketing” is very much used as a buzz word around the marketing industry at the moment but it really can show some fantastic results and should be at the top of every marketer’s agenda.

Content marketing involves providing your market with relevant, useful and regular content such as blogs and videos. The best way to start is to ask yourself “what do my customers want to know?” Once you have identified this you can then start to plan how you are going to provide the answers.

Why not try this? On a Monday instead of asking your sales team how many calls they made the previous week, ask your staff “what questions do our clients keep asking us?” This then puts you in the prime position to distribute the answers your market place is demanding.

Don’t be alarmed … content marketing does not need to be a 2,000 word essay every day on every topic in your industry. By providing snippets and blogs with useful content can show you as a thought leader in your industry and gives your business credibility. If you are feeling confident why not try an infographic or a video post. Remember when creating your content ask yourself “when are people likely to read/watch this?” This ensures you can make it mobile-friendly content as smartphones are becoming dominant in the way people consume content.

So you have a great blog – you then upload it to your website and you’re good to go. No! You need to tell people it’s there. Scream and shout about your latest blog. After all you put your precious time into it, you want people to read it. Share it, post it, tweet it, and send it out through a newsletter.

As Josh Steimle points out in his latest article in Forbes a great example of content marketing is The Lego Movie. Lego were not out to break box office tickets sales but instead they cleverly created a 100 minute toy advert and they even got people to pay to watch it. It will not surprise you then to read that Lego recently overtook Mattel (creators of Barbie) to become the largest toy company in the world. Now we are not suggesting you need to make a film to have a successful content marketing campaign but you get the gist.

So have you found this article useful? Have we provided you with some relevant information? If yes, we have created a successful piece of content marketing! Content is King

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