Ladies and gentlemen… the weekend

Jun 4, 2021 | Blog, Online Marketing Blog

Ladies and gentlemen... the weekend

Lessons from a Twitter account that posts the same tweet once a week

The answer is a lot if you’re willing to look for the lessons.

The attention gathered by the Twitter account has allowed it to amass over 327.1K Followers. All this attention has resulted in the Los Angeles Times reporting on the person behind the Twitter account.

The Twitter account we talk about goes under the handle of @CraigWeekend.

Every Friday evening, it shares the famous meme of Daniel Craig welcoming the artist The Weekend on Saturday Night Live.

The short clip, lasting seconds, got 257.8K likes on Friday, May 28th. An additional 40k more than the following Friday, so it shows no sign of slowing down, but what can business learn from that?

The answer is lots, but how that fits into your business will have to be specific, so here are our 3 top tips.

Trust: This is big in any business. Your online audience needs to trust that you will produce the content they attach to your account.
The bio of @CraigWeekend says, ‘Daniel Craig reminds you that the weekend is here, every Friday Evening’. Delivering on that allows people to trust the account to show what they are expecting.
The lesson is to be transparent with what your followers can expect to gain if they follow you.

Consistency: Every Friday, the Twitter account does what it says it’s going to do. That level of consistency gives people something to follow. Add this to the weekend is a constant with people’

Level of ask: What the account is asking people to buy into isn’t a big ask. It doesn’t ask at all. It just stands as a reminder the weekend is here, and after a long hard week, that can be a welcome sign. The account’s foundation for future opportunities could be interesting to watch—a shop with merchandise or personally for the Twitter account creator.

It’s already got the attention of the artist himself with The Weekend tweeting, “Ladies and gentlemen the…” hinting that he is aware of the attention the meme and the account is getting.

Taking a cold audience from not knowing your business to spending money with you can be a big jump, especially if your service is more expensive.
You can see lots online these days, and making sure that you stand out can be the hardest part. Hopefully, these lessons can help you and your business.

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