3 ways to make your business mobile-friendly.

Oct 11, 2022 | Online Marketing Blog, Social Media Blog, Web Design Blog

3 ways to make your business mobile friendly

Responsive Digital Marketing for customers using their mobile phones.  

Mobile phones have come a long way since Nokia was the market leader, and the only game you could play was called Snake. So it’s hard to remember a world without mobile phones.

Modern mobile phones live under the label of smartphones and house all the technology you need to connect you to anything you need whilst resting in the palm of your hand. As a result, the screen time of these devices can soon add up, and data shows that the average person spends up to 4 hours a day on the phone in the UK. Furthermore, this time has continually increased from 3 hours a day in 2019 to 3.5 hours a day in 2021. 

Statistic: Average daily mobile usage in the United Kingdom from 2019 to 2021 (in hours) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

This data is helpful for business owners to know as it is a clear indicator of people’s behaviours. Their attention is on their phones, so how can your business become mobile-friendly? 


People now access websites from their mobile phones at the same rate as those from a desktop or laptop. So the split is even, as seen in the graph, but this may be a problem for businesses that have not made their website mobile friendly. 

Statistic: Share of website page views in the United Kingdom (UK) in November 2021, by device | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Screen sizes from mobile and computer are different, as we know, and as a result, this affects how your website is displayed. Therefore, selecting a mobile-responsive theme or template is crucial when building your website. Selecting this ensures the website is displayed correctly for the device used to visit the website. 

Another tip to ensure your website is mobile-friendly is to provide the content on the website is suitable. Suitable for download speed and visibility but also designed for people on the move on their mobiles. 

An example of being more accessible for people on mobile phones would be to shorten any contact forms on your website. Filling in forms on a computer can be timely, but it could switch people off quickly for mobile phone users. 

Social Media

Many social media platforms can help a business share its story and build its brand message. The popularity of social media has risen due to how easy it is to use your smartphone. 

When creating content for your social media platforms, you will be making specific content for that platform. For example, You’ll create video content for TikTok rather than a still graphic image, as the video is more effective on that platform.  

Yet there are still ways to ensure mobile-friendly for users to have maximum impact. For example, Facebook released data in 2016 that 86% muted the sound whilst watching videos. 

A more recent joint study by Verizon and Publcis showed that 69% of people view video with the sound off in public places. 

Creating video content with captions helps your mobile users, and the data shows people are likelier to watch the whole video that contains captions. 

If you wish to push your social media traffic towards your website, you can also help mobile users by creating a Linktree account or additional page with clear links to specific sections. Think of this as a clear map for detailed steps you wish your customers to take. 

portal social linktree

Google My Business 

Have a location your clients or customers have to visit? Then ensuring your address is easy to find on google is vital for mobile phone users. People will often search for a postcode to enter into their car’s navigation system for ease or if they are walking, enter it into their phone maps to find the quickest route. Perfect for people visiting a new restaurant or shop.

Google my business allows you to list your location and will also help with local search results for people in your area. 

Google my business will also allow people to leave reviews of your business which can be a great source of content and help with social proof for future potential customers. 


When looking to use digital marketing for your business, it’s essential to understand your customers’ behaviours—knowing how they act means you can position content or design a website with the most impact. People’s mobile phone use is the perfect example of understanding this and developing a strategy that best fits this set behaviour. 

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