How the Olympics can market your business

Aug 13, 2021 | Blog, Online Marketing Blog

How the Olympics can market your business

Tokyo Olympics and How It Can Help You Market Your Business.

I’m going to start this with a confession. On Friday the 23rd of July, I had zero interest in the 2020 Olympics. The first day of this year’s Olympics, and I had no notion at all for watching it. I wasn’t even fully aware that it was starting that Friday or what impact covid would have on it.

Fast forward two weeks and a bit, and I’m writing this blog feeling sad that it’s finished.

So what changed?

I’ve always been sporty, with football being my sport of choice. I remember watching the Olympics with my parents, with the stand out events being the 100m and 200m sprints. But, of course, that is before we all fell in love with the velodrome, and heroes like Sir Chris Hoy.

This time, I was gripped with the synchronised diving seeing Tom Daly’s long hunt for a gold medal finally rewarded. I watched as Sky Brown became the youngest British Olympian at 13 years old, getting a bronze in skateboarding. A side story about Sky Brown is she had a major accident last year and fractured her skull after missing a ramp on her skateboard but still recovered and got back out to achieve a dream.  Her impact is already inspiring other young girls to take up the sport.

There are endless stories for all these athletes and those involved in the games, and it’s truly captured me and, at times, caught me by surprise how invested I have become in these events.

So what can my behaviour over the 2020 Olympics teach you when you sit down to plan how to market your business?

🎯 Previous knowledge

I knew about the Olympics just like people might know about your business. They might not be active on your social channels, but they might be aware of your business and what you do. Unfortunately, these inactive people often are the ‘ghost’ of social media. People who see your content but don’t engage.

A base of people with previous knowledge of what you do is a great starting position—primed to act when giving the right opportunity to interact with your business. Your job is to spark their interest just like mine had been with the following.

🎯 Stories capture people

I’ve become hooked by learning about the athlete’s story. Knowing their family is watching back home or hearing how they have overcome the struggles or injuries faced. The more I learned how human they were, the more I could appreciate the superhuman effort they were putting in to succeed.

We all know life is tough, but seeing someone achieve a goal they have had to put effort into over a consistent period. We can genuinely appreciate that struggle.

If you are documenting your work, the constant effort involved and sharing goals. Then, finally, people begin to come on the journey with you. Your audience then invests in you with their time. Then when they need your service, you are at the forefront of their thoughts.

🎯 Easy to access

As the events went on, it became easy for me to access more information to learn more.

That ease of access was possible as the show directed me towards Twitter accounts or a website to learn more. It meant it was obvious where I had to go to learn more.

For your business, create a clear path for clients to take to engage with you. You will hear people talk about this as a marketing funnel.

Your pathway should allow people to know where to go and have touch points for you to engage with them along the way.

Remember not to ask too much too soon from clients as they will be less likely to follow through with their actions. An example of this might be asking new leads to sign up to an email list before following up in a few weeks with arranging a call.

🎯 Educating on the go

People are new to many sports at the Olympics, and educating people on the rules was necessary. In addition, educating the viewers was possible by using experts to commentate on the sport.

People might have heard about your business, but that doesn’t mean they know what you do. Documenting your jobs and showing happy customers means people can begin to see how your business will impact change in their life.

Once someone can see the benefits to them, they will then be more open to taking action.

🎯 Setting goals and celebrating the wins.

With every sport, there was always a conclusion. Then, finally, a team or individual would win a gold medal.

Business is no different. Working towards goals and celebrating the wins is what provides people with that sense of achievement. Whilst, not all wins mean you get the gold medal to represent best in your field. However, you can still compete and achieve personal bests.

These PB’s means your performance is improving and allows you to set new goals. Just make sure you take the time to celebrate along the way.

🎯 No one wins a gold without a team behind them

We can often see an individual win a gold medal, but afterwards, they are always quick to remind the public that a team is behind their efforts. A coach, family, doctors, and lots more making sure their body and mind are in the best shape to compete.

Business is no different. Whilst you might have your team set up to perform, having the best support available to you allows for that extra growth and accountability to a shared goal.

Portal Creative is very fortunate to work with business owners to ensure their story is captured and shared with the right people. Our role often allows us to remind the business owners how far they have come in a short period.

It’s amazing how focused you are when you want to achieve success.

If you want to work with our Portal Creative business athletes, then get in touch today. I would love to hear from you.

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